October Excitement

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Even right now some pretty exciting things are going on in Stephen Abbott Studios, both in relation to what’s happening there and what’s happening outside too.  While we’re getting ready to release a brand-new full-length album, entitled Creature Carnival, some other pretty cool things are going on in the surroundings.

I’ve always been a fan of comics, and a good friend of mine is getting ready to release his first virtually-professional masterpiece, The Popgun Fiasco.   Personally I think Master Murphy is going to really hit in home, as he’s had a good eye and hand for doing this kind of thing for years already.  He’s done an excellent job at getting word out around the web and I have no doubt he’s going to receive a lot of positive feedback about his efforts.  Inspired by pop and anime-style manga, The Popgun Fiasco is bound to be a thrilling and fun adventure. 

Murphy has been working and re-working the plot and character construction for a couple years now, but at last the final form has been brought together and the much-expected work is getting polished up for release.  It’s especially exciting to hear that the comic may be physically printed besides being released via internet download.  I have little knowledge of what to expect in detail, but I know it will be worth the wait and worth YOUR time to check it out.  Visit the facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/thepopgunfiasco and the official blog @ http://thepopgunfiasco.blogspot.com/.

Meanwhile, be sure to keep an eye out for Creature Carnival, just around the corner from being out in time for Halloween! 

Stephen Abbott, logging off.


Approaching 2012? A New Era is Due

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With the year 2012 looming just ahead, I can’t help but look forward to it with great anticipation regardless of its predicted characteristics.  The year I graduate from high school . . . the year the world ends . . . the year I am legally able to vote . . . all this and more lies before me.  And it just so happens that 2012 will also be the year in which a new chapter in my media/internet life is born: the era of re-exposure.


This will likely include a brand-new Youtube channel, an refreshed Facebook page, a sparkly new personal website, a reactivated Twitter account, an iTunes store . . . and so much more.  Why make such a big deal out of this?  Because hopefully, the fruit of this new era will justify it.  And I’m sure it will do just that.

 I’ll be starting with a good classy music EP and Youtube intro series as if I never was in the music or vlog businesses before.  Then, a piano/instrumental music album . . . a short film . . . and from there, who can tell.  All I can say is, I look forward to finally taking hold of my potential.  I hope you do too.


Yours Always,

Stephen Abbott

“Distraction” – An All-New Instrumental Album

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Distraction:  An All-New Instrumental Album

The long-awaited, all-instrumental music album fresh from Stephen Abbott Studios is now here!  The addicting songs on Distraction are synthesized on an actual keyboard, without computer intervention, and many of them are tunes that were created long ago but are just now being given the honor of showing off their charm!  From ambient piano to heart-pumping techno to epic movie-score-style orchestral arrangements, everyone is bound to find something they love within the sounds of Distraction.

“Leaving The Labyrinth”

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Stephen Abbott is honored to present his latest full-length music album masterpiece that is “one of a kind” (Daily Muchaba) and “worth every minute, from the peaceful acoustic to the hard-edge rock” (Gecko Music Review).  So come and check out these eighteen fantastic and critically-acclaimed songs fresh out of Stephen’s African studio.  As Ann Abbott puts it, “Even if each instrument and production stage was done by a different person, it would still be good . . . but this album was done completely by one single young individual, and that just makes it wild.”  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear some great music and praise our Savior! 

Come check it out right now @ http://www.ilike.com/artist/Stephen+J+Abbott .


At an interview from the album’s release event, Stephen Abbott says that “my next album is bound to be either a piano album or an “ambient” album . . . I’m going to try to put my regular songs aside for a while so I don’t get tired of them.  It’ll feel good to be doing something different for a change.”  Mr. Abbott has long been working on an instrumental album called “Distraction” and he finally hopes to jump on it and wrap it up this Spring.  Keep an eye out, and in the meantime enjoy “Leaving The Labyrinth.”


“Elements of Tenacity” – The piano at its best, now out for you to hear!

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The long-awaited album “Elements of Tenacity,” a renovating and sparkling compilation of beautiful piano masterpieces, is now out on http://www.ilike.com/artist/IvoryHeart!  Don’t miss your chance to fall in love with these marvelous songs!

“Brand New Day”

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I am proud to present my most impromptu yet loveable music album yet: “Brand New Day!”  Half of the songs on this colorful music collection were expected to be stuffed in a shelf or simply forgotten but instead found their way into a sparkling compilation dubbed “Brand New Day” after an especially well-liked and heart-touching composition that became the album’s title song.  Before I knew it, I was producing “Brand New Day” as the fourth official Stephen Abbott music album, and I am very glad that I did!  It comprises of eighteen wonderful songs that I have no doubts you will enjoy.  “Brand New Day” taught me that I should never take even the shabbiest of songs for granted; with a little polishing, they might turn into jewels!  God bless each of you; please welcome “Brand New Day!”


Check it out @ http://www.ilike.com/artist/Stephen+J+Abbott

IvoryHeart: All-New Piano Music

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Greetings!  Today I have an awesome surprise for all of you.  For the past few months I have been compiling all the many, many piano songs I have composed over the years. Though it is still an incomplete list, I have constructed a compilation of some of my best songs and have posted them online for you to listen and enjoy! If you have an iLike account, don’t forget to become a fan!


These are not just ordinary piano songs, however. Each of them has been recently re-mastered, re-recorded, and above all, dedicated. Yes, you read that right. These beautiful songs are dedicated to my equally amazing friends. Some songs are soft and sweet and mellow; some are swift and strong and dramatic; still others are fast and funny and catchy. I have no doubts you will find a style you love in these numerous and colorful music masterpieces. Some were composed as far back as seven years ago; others were made up on the spot yesterday. I hope you have fun and enjoy each of these brand-new songs.

Adventures in Zalamaranzibo!

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So what do you get when you cross two bums on a fishing pier with a faraway planet in grave peril and an epic call to adventure?


Find out in Stephen Abbott Studios’ next Lego stop motion picture after The Chronicles of Jello Commander Final Episode: Adventures in Zalamaranzibo!  Featuring Steve and Trev, two minifigures who will be the stars in a future Youtube series called The Steve & Trev Show, prepare to dive into a wild adventure filled with imminent danger around every corner, sci-fi action, alien creatures, powerful magical stones, evil overlords, races against time . . . and two reluctant heroes.  Catch all the action and excitement this September at http://www.youtube.com/user/wiibrick !


Stephen Is Back With “Someday Remember”

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Dedicated to the incomparable friends that I have been blessed with, my brand-new music album “Someday Remember” contains seven unique and colorful songs that I have written over the months.  Each and every one of these songs expresses the emotions I have felt in the midst of my isolation from very good friends.  Many times, frustration and discontent have almost overwhelmed me, but I am constantly reminded that though I may not see the whole picture right now, I can continue to smile, count my blessings, and live a life of faith.  Some of these songs cry out a longing to be with the ones I love; others shout a joyful message proclaiming my happiness knowing that each and every one of my distant friends had every excuse in the hold wide world to forget my very existence, but instead they have lifted me up and become some of the greatest treasures anyone could ever have.  God has blessed me in too many ways for me to keep quiet about them, and every word I speak in “Someday Remember” is but a miniscule fraction of the joyful and thankful emotions that I have experienced.  May God bless my friends, and may His name be forever praised.  Enjoy the music!


Besides “Someday Remember,” I have gone ahead and uploaded a variety of songs I have produced in the past few months.  They belong to many different albums, but it would have been a shame for me to have waited to upload them all when the whole album was done.  As a result, there are a good number of songs besides the seven in “Someday Remember” for you to enjoy in the following months.  Stephen Abbott Studios will be shutting down for about a month, but it will return with a fury in July.  Until then, I hope you enjoy listening to my new music.  Many blessings! 


Come listen to all kinds of brand-new, colorful songs:  http://www.ilike.com/artist/Stephen+J+Abbott



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Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to present my second official music album dedicated to my friends and my Lord Jesus Christ, “Amazing.” It has been nearly a year since my last – and first – music album, “Dying Alive” was released for public audiences, and I praise God that I was able to complete “Amazing” this week so that I could share all of my inspirational music with the world. “Amazing” features eight songs that vary in genre from rock to pop to acoustic. There is a song for every person’s taste and I hope that you will fall in love with at least one of these special songs. I thank God and pray that I will continue to glorify Him more and more as time goes on. I thank you for your patience and encouragement waiting for me to finish this album, and I hope that the reward is worth it all. Don’t forget to look forward to my Spring Break album “Someday Remember” as well.

Be sure to check out these eight new cool songs!  >>>> http://www.ilike.com/artist/Stephen+J+Abbott

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