Stephen Is Back With “Someday Remember”

May 13, 2010 at 9:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Dedicated to the incomparable friends that I have been blessed with, my brand-new music album “Someday Remember” contains seven unique and colorful songs that I have written over the months.  Each and every one of these songs expresses the emotions I have felt in the midst of my isolation from very good friends.  Many times, frustration and discontent have almost overwhelmed me, but I am constantly reminded that though I may not see the whole picture right now, I can continue to smile, count my blessings, and live a life of faith.  Some of these songs cry out a longing to be with the ones I love; others shout a joyful message proclaiming my happiness knowing that each and every one of my distant friends had every excuse in the hold wide world to forget my very existence, but instead they have lifted me up and become some of the greatest treasures anyone could ever have.  God has blessed me in too many ways for me to keep quiet about them, and every word I speak in “Someday Remember” is but a miniscule fraction of the joyful and thankful emotions that I have experienced.  May God bless my friends, and may His name be forever praised.  Enjoy the music!


Besides “Someday Remember,” I have gone ahead and uploaded a variety of songs I have produced in the past few months.  They belong to many different albums, but it would have been a shame for me to have waited to upload them all when the whole album was done.  As a result, there are a good number of songs besides the seven in “Someday Remember” for you to enjoy in the following months.  Stephen Abbott Studios will be shutting down for about a month, but it will return with a fury in July.  Until then, I hope you enjoy listening to my new music.  Many blessings! 


Come listen to all kinds of brand-new, colorful songs:



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