With “Dying Alive” as a starting block, I have come to love writing songs and producing my own music albums more than almost anything else.  Though it may not be easy, I find it to be one of the best ways I can praise the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as well as just have fun and express my senses of humor and love of life.  This page allows you to get a glimpse at the background and details of each of my beloved music albums.


 Dying Alive (2009) 

 My EP “Dying Alive” was actually a considerable achievement at the time it was made.  Having access to little technology and having very limited knowledge of good music composition and production, the album turned out to be a surprisingly good start to my music production hobby.  I was inspired to produce “Dying Alive” as a means of setting a tone of inspiration in my community as friends, as well as give myself an opportunity to experiment with my interest in music.  Compared to my more recent albums, quality renovation and even rewriting some of the songs appears to be necessary.  The songs “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” and “Dying Alive” were born as a result of their catchy names, not from any other means of inspiration. The lyrics were built around the names, and as a result, the messages that can be interpreted from these songs – particular in “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” – are distorted, disfigured, and off track.  Though the song “Dying Alive” has been rewritten and re-entitled “Dying To Live,” it is still a very special song for me as it features the voices of some of my friends . . . a wonderful highlight probably never to be heard again.

Besides just the song “Dying Alive,” it has been decided that the entire album is to be re-done, renamed “Dying To Live,” and some of the songs will be rewritten.  I now realize it isn’t important to focus songs on attracting a specific age group or type of person, but to focus the songs on glorifying the Creator and inspiring people of all ages.  This reconstruction will also give me an opportunity to incorporate new songs and renovate some of the well-liked “classics” including “So Many Times,” “Walk,” and “Call My Name.” 


 Amazing (2010) 

 It seemed to have been an eternity since the release of “Dying Alive” when “Amazing” was released in the middle of 2010.  Nevertheless, the wait has been considered by many to be worth it.  “Amazing” is my first music album to feature songs mastered in high-quality format and beefed up with advanced synthesization and strong instrumentation.  The album contains songs of many genres – from rock to pop to contemporary – that possess lyrics that have been acclaimed by critics many times.  “Amazing” set the tone for a wonderful year of improving my skills and putting out stupendous music.  Though it was not officially released until three months after its completion, “Amazing” set my passion for music on fire.  As a result, it was quickly followed by a miniature album called “Someday Remember,” quickly followed by a piano album entitled “Elements of Tenacity” and two full-length, masterful albums: “Brand New Day” and “Leaving The Labyrinth.”


Someday Remember (2010) 

 “Someday Remember” may look skinny with only seven songs, but this mini-album has been considered far from bland.  In the course of my life, being isolated from a community of wonderful friends, I have come to write a number of songs tuned in to a particular subject.  This is the subject of my experiences of making friends in the United States and having to deal with being isolated from them in my home in Africa.  I have often experienced a variety of emotions, both positive and negative.  Fortunately, though, there are always blessings to be found wherever I am, and so I have found reason to celebrate in the midst of my isolation.  “Someday Remember” is a dedication to these wonderful friends who continue to bless me so dearly, despite my distance.  The seven songs within this album contain all that I have felt: from the depths of forlorn longing all the way to the heights of knowing there is still so much in store for me in this life.


Elements of Tenacity (2010)

“Elements of Tenacity” is my first music album fully dedicated to my passion for the piano.  It is a compilation of some of my personal favorite and audience-appreciated piano compositions.  The many melodies found on this colorful album range all the way from dreamy New Age harmonies to bombastic ragtime storms.  No matter what music taste you may have, I have few doubts that you will come to love a song from “Elements of Tenacity,” hopefully the first of many piano music albums to come.


Brand New Day (2010)

My most impromptu album yet is the flavorful “Brand New Day.”  Half of the songs in this colorful collection of tunes were nonchalantly written in the month of June while our family was on a short visit to the United States.  These songs were expected to be stuffed in a shelf or simply forgotten but instead found their way into a sparkling compilation dubbed “Brand New Day” after an especially well-liked and heart-touching song that became the album’s title song.  Before I knew it, I was producing “Brand New Day” as my next full-length music album, and I am very glad that I did.  It comprises of eighteen wonderful songs that have become the favorites of many individuals.  “Brand New Day” taught me that I should never take my little shabby songs for granted; with a little polishing, they might turn into jewels!  And so they have, cleverly ranging through a wide variety of genres.


Leaving The Labyrinth

“Leaving The Labyrinth,” like “Brand New Day,” was born almost out of thin air as a complete surprise even to me.  It was created as a grand attempt to encourage people to stand up and stand out for their faith, even in a world that pushes for conformity.  Critics have identified the progressively impressive instrumentation, vocals, and production that is beginning to really shine in “Leaving The Labyrinth” and will hopefully get even better in the near future.  The album leans strongly toward a rock feel and features less range among genres as some of my other albums.  Even so, I have still tried hard to maintain my reputation of producing uplifting lyrics and positive outlooks in all areas of life . . . even in the midst of the labyrinth.  This album will hopefully be released by the end of 2010.


Dying To Live

As before-mentioned in the discography of “Dying Alive,” “Dying To Live” is basically a new take on the songs featured in my first EP, as well as an opportunity to share some all-new songs simultaneously.  The hit song “Hey Now” is only one of the exciting new songs to be released in “Dying To Live” and will hopefully be a worthy compliment to “Dying Alive.”  This album will hopefully be released by the middle of 2011.


Thanks To Today 

“Thanks To Today” is expected to be the next full-length album after “Dying To Live.”  Though begun in the middle of 2009, the album was put aside and is only just now being slowly resurrected.  The album contains a collection of recently-written songs as well as a grand ensemble of some of my very first melodies, including the classic hits “Just Begun” and “Cries The Blood.”  It will feature an interesting variety of fun and colorful songs for the enjoyment of all kinds of people.  Its eighteen songs will proclaim the greatness of our God, the beauty of His world, and the joy of His people in a wide variety of moods, sounds, and feels.  This album will hopefully be released by the end of 2011.


Shaken Awake

It is funny to think that some of the songs in the album “Shaken Awake,” an album not to be produced for another year yet, are some of the first songs I ever wrote!  Nevertheless, I think it will be very suiting because the songs in “Shaken Awake” are among my best and will require an especially great amount of will and energy to produce them.  Because critics have observed that quality and sound progressively improves over the months, saving “Shaken Awake” as my final music album before college is suitable.  Though a good number of the songs lack in positive perspective, an aspect that contradicts my aspiration to maintain a completely positive-outlook reputation, “Shaken Awake” will nonetheless be cherished and hopefully be heard as a call to “wake up” to God, rather than eternally dwell in our little corner, brooding over the worries of the temporary.  This album will hopefully be released by the end of 2012.


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