Amazing Is Coming

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Dear Friends,

I am excited to let you know that my next music album, “Amazing,” is due for official release on February 28, 2010. It has been eight months since I have released my last album and I look forward to sharing this one with you. Unfortunately, though, there has been a twist in events this past week. I had originally intended on uploading the album on so that you could immediately download the songs onto your computer. However, I have been notified by my critics and my authorities that it is highly suggested for me to copyright my songs before letting them loose to the public. This operation is likely to take months, and as a result, the songs will not be available for public download until possibly the month of May. Nevertheless, I really want to be able to share the songs with you a long time before then . . . as a result, I have decided to go ahead and upload the songs on iLike sometime between late February and early March so that each and every one of you can at least listen to them. Thank you so very much for your patience and encouragement considering this endeavor of mine!

Stephen Abbott


January Update

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     With January quickly coming to a completion, I know we’re all looking forward to the release of my music album “Amazing” for American audiences.  I am very happy to say that only two songs remain to be produced and I look forward to jumping right into them as soon as I get school behind me.  Besides that, the “surprise” music album “Someday Remember” is expected to be released a whole lot sooner than even I had originally intended.  Believe it or not, it may come out in March, only one month after I get “Amazing” out!  Now, I will clarify that “Someday Remember” is not one of my regular music albums; it is an “extra” that is actually just a compilation of all the songs I’ve done that deal with the feelings I’ve had being so isolated from my friends back in the United States.

     I will also admit that I’ve ignored the two albums “Thanks To Today” and “Shaken Awake” far too much.  I kind of halted their production because I wanted to organize the songs better.  Even so, I have seriously ignored them for way too long, and I’ve decided that producing these two albums – or at least one – will be my summer project.  If all goes well, “Thanks To Today” is going to be the next music album after “Someday Remember.”  Beyond “Shaken Awake” I have no current plans for music, but I think we can all agree that these three albums after “Amazing” will keep me quite busy this year.  Besides music, of course, I still have the final episode of The Chronicles of Jello Commander to produce.  This movie is becoming much more complicated than I would have ever imagined it to be . . . but that just means it’s going to be even better!  Because the film may be a quarter of an hour or longer, I’ve decided it might be better to upload the whole thing in two videos . . . or maybe even split it into two different episodes.  The only reason I don’t want to split the video into smaller episodes is because it is actually one story for the whole movie.  Only time will tell, and I am sorry that it seems like such a long time since I have done anything!

     On that note, I must admit that I am spending too much time on my music.  I’ve decided I’m just going to be happy with whatever I am able to come up with and not worry about tip-top quality and production standards.  After all, I plan on having my songs professionally produced whenever it comes time to release them to the public market, so all my work in producing these songs is going to be overridden eventually anyway.  So, thanks for your support and patience!  I promise I will work hard to get you your music and videos.

“Amazing” Setbacks…

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     Well, the February music album “Amazing” has been running along smoothly in the production room until today.  The song “Strong To Stand,” one of the highlights of this new album, was originally completed about three months ago.  During final production this week, I recognized the need to remix some of the vocals and instrumentation.  When I looked into my computer hardrive to find the archive project file, I was horrified to find it nonexistent.  I checked through every one of my external hard drives and various computers, but to no avail.  As a result, the only files I am left to play with is the finished track and a music-only track.  As a result of the stupidity which I had possessed whenever I mindlessly deleted Strong To Stand’s archive audio and project files, I will have to completely re-record the vocal tracks and guitar tracks.  I still anticipate on releasing the album in February, but it may not be as early as I had originally anticipated.  Furthermore, school is stabbing me in the back every hour of my day, so that will trample my typically fast-paced mindset as well.  Besides “Strong To Stand,” there remains two songs to start producing and four songs to finish up.  As I have said all along, though, [in my opinion considering the effort I am taking] your patience will be rewarded . . . it’s just a matter of YOUR opinion at this point!  Please accept my apologies, and I promise to do my utmost to make up for it!

Complications Concerning “Someday Remember”

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     Well, I had originally planned on the song “Truthful Lie” to be included in my summer music album “Someday Remember.”  However, there are some things that have come up that have moved me to make me remove this song from the album.  Now don’t get me wrong; I have no doubts that the song “Truthful Lie” WILL get produced . . . it just won’t be featured in any of my regular albums. 

     For one, the song is not solely my ownership.  I was partly requested, partly inspired to write a song derived from a poem by a friend named Kaylee Horn.  Whenever this song is produced, Kaylee will own a portion of whatever rights that happen to be bestowed upon the song.  Because I plan on having my music albums professionally produced and published someday, complications will undoubtedly arise when it comes to “Truthful Lie.” 

     Another factor I must consider is the fact that the song doesn’t quite fit the flow of any of my music albums . . . especially the songs of “Someday Remember,” which speak primarily of lighthearted relationships.  “Truthful Lie” speaks a very unique message, a message that didn’t really come from me at all anyway.  Once again, do not take me offensively; Kaylee Horn seems eager to sing this song, and I have complete respect for the message and tone of “Truthful Lie;” after all, I myself am willing to unprofessionally produce it.  Nevertheless, I believe its unique message can be spoken much more comfortably and easily on its own and not under the restraint of “Someday Remember” or any of my other music albums.

     Also, I have intentions on possibly producing another song by Kaylee Horn called “Broken.”  While I’m on the subject, I will not be surprised if I end up doing a whole small series of Kaylee Horn songs if it comes to it and if time and God allows.  Honestly, I do not anticipate on doing more than two or even one, but it may very well come to it.  And if it does, it will make things incredibly easier if I leave her songs out of my albums.  All said and done, I believe this is the wisest action to take, both on my part and on hers.  So without further a-do, “Truthful Lie” will not be featured in my summer music album “Someday Remember” . . . it will be free to proclaim its message for all to hear outside of the comfort zone of Stephen Abbott Studios.  And what song will fill its place, you may ask?  Well, I can guarantee it will be delightful .  Just wait and see for yourself!

     Thank you Kaylee Horn for your help . . . and remember, I still love your poems and the songs that have sprung up from them, and I plan on helping you with them as much as you want.  🙂

“Dying Alive” Renovation

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"Dying Alive" June 2009 debut release artwork

     Quite a few of you are familiar with, if not owners of, my debut music album “Dying Alive.” I am thankful that many of you actually enjoy the music off of it. Of course, it was my debut album, but nevertheless I am not very happy with what I have done. The songs “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” and “Dying Alive” were born as a result of their catchy names, and not from any other means of inspiration. The lyrics were built around the catchy name, and as a result, the messages – if there are any messages at all – that can be interpreted from these songs are distorted, disfigured, and off track.

     Take the song “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.” The music is catchy, but why doesn’t anybody like it? Because the lyrics speak the wrong message, that’s why. “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” describes a person running away from God and stays that way. Even though I tried to squeeze in a positive outlook in the bridge, all it did was make it worse and more confusing with the words: “There’s not anything I can do . . . and it’s wonderful, and so true.” I had originally intended on this sentence saying, “I’ll let God do everything and control me, and He’ll set me straight, and it’s so great.” Nevertheless, the song falls apart from the very beginning.

"Dying To Live" mock-up artwork

     “Dying To Live” mock-up artwork “Dying Alive” is another one of those songs with a very catchy progression. However, when I was producing the Dying Alive album, I had a mindset to produce catchy songs that appeal to teenagers with slightly bitter words and phrases, such as “dying alive.” Though cool, this phrase doesn’t speak the message that I now realize is important to emphasize in songs directed toward Jesus. I have matured greatly even after only one year, and I now realize that the messages spoken in some of my first songs are not pleasing to God because they don’t emphasize anything important. As a result, I am renaming the album “Dying Alive” and completely rewriting the song by the same title. What was “Dying Alive” is now to be “Dying To Live.” What was originally interpreted as bitter emotions will now be presented as an inspiring acclamation to live for Jesus no matter what. I now realize it isn’t important to focus songs on attracting a specific age group or type of person, but to focus the songs on glorifying Jesus and inspiring people of all ages. The song “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” is likely to be eliminated; after all, the dumbest thing in the world is to keep a song just because of its catchy title.

     This reconstruction will also give me an opportunity to incorporate new songs and renovate some of the “classics,” including “So Many Times,” “Walk,” and “Call My Name.” It’s important to me show that I don’t focus on one specific genre, be it rock, contemporary, new age, techno, etc. Writing songs of a variety of genres makes the album more attractive to a broader group of people and emphasizes the fact that my songs about Jesus are for everybody, just like Jesus Himself is for everybody.

     I thank each of you who have been supporting me, and I am glad that you still enjoy listening to my songs. This renovation will probably not take place for at least another year, considering I must go through several legal actions to make this album replacement project possible.

School Starting Today!

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Hello again!  I will just keep trudging along despite the fact that school starts today.  How does this sound: a delightful dish of new February music with a tasty, colorful dessert of a TCOJC Final Episode video??

Stephen Abbott Studios has a new page on Facebook so you can follow along all of my activity even easier than before: .  Come check it out!

Greetings from Stephen Abbott Studios

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I enjoy playing the acoustic and electric guitar, though piano is still my primary instrument.

Good morning!  I am excited to be here on so that I can share with you all the exciting things that I have been working on and have planned for the near future.  Within a little while, I will begin sharing some insights about my latest music albums, “Amazing” and “Someday Remember.”  Futhermore, I am thrilled that The Chronicles Of Jello Commander Episode 2, my latest Lego stopmotion video, is coming together very well and may be released sometime in the middle of spring.

With school and other extra-cirricular projects that are not under my control hindering me, progress will be kind of slow now that the Christmas break is coming to a conclusion.  Nevertheless, I look foward to swinging back into producing more songs and videos that I am glad you guys enjoy.  To all those who have backed me up for the past year, thanks for the encouragement!

I will be posting detailed descriptions of each of my music albums as well as updates concerning my video projects.

Come visit me @

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